Debra Curry

Debra Curry retired from the world of corporate America and moved to Idaho to pursue her joy for painting.  She also now delights in promoting fellow artists and art organizations through, Heartland Studios.

 At the age of 17, with the encouragement of her father, (a talented vocalist) Debra applied for and was awarded a full scholarship to Kansas University’s Music and Art Camp.  Then, life happened – marriage, jobs, travel and more jobs. With the exception of a few workshops along the way and membership in the international El Paso Art Association of Texas, her art was placed on the shelf.  Now, as an award-winning artist, Debra has returned to the creative side of her abilities and hopes to encourage others to do the same.  Her colorful use of oils focuses on landscapes and florals with the goal of lifting spirits and inspiring creativity in her audience.  Her agency, Heartland Studios, has one goal best defined in the company’s motto; Promoting the fine art of Idaho’s fine artists.

“I firmly believe that through working together, and by learning from and promoting fellow artists, our wonderfully creative community will impact the public to more deeply appreciate the arts.”

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