Barbara Jorgensen

Born in Ft. Pierce, Florida, Babs, spent her early life enjoying the soft ocean breezes and beautiful tropical flowers. At the age of sixteen, she and her family moved to Utah where she later married and spent her married life in Ephraim and St. George.  Her husband worked for Wildlife Resources so many of her weekends were spent in the outdoors, camping enjoying the mountains, animals and fresh air.
Babs has loved the visual arts all her life and began expressing that love early by designing clothes for her paper dolls. She continued developing her art by taking classes in high school and later, at Snow College. After working in several industries and owning three business of her own, Babs began to devote time to her art in Idaho.  She has attended various workshops and seminars and honed her skills by entering many exhibits, chairing art shows and winning numerous awards, including Best in Show.  She is a member of the Nampa Art Guild.
“Art is an integral part of my life and permeates my whole being. I hope in some small way I can put on canvass what I see and feel. Part of art is that it can be shared with others and in some way make a connection that is meaningful to the viewer.”
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