Promoting the fine art of Idaho's fine artists!

For Artists

Fueling the creative community by raising the public awareness of our artists is the foundation of Heartland Studios.  Idaho is home to some of the most talented and creative people in the country.  The Treasure Valley alone boasts numerous award winners and many lesser-known, highly talented people.  Heartland Studios exists to introduce the public at large and the business world in particular to this wealth of creativity; a match-maker if you will between the creative, the community and the commercial.

For Community

At this writing, Idaho reigns as the fastest growing state in the U.S.  What does this mean for our communities and the rich history on which they were built?      Excitement?  Opportunity?  Concern?  Yes to all three!  New community members coming from across this country and the world will naturally result in change for the community.  Is change a bad thing?  No!  Change or enhancement to an existing community can be wonderful – when that change is built with an awareness of the beauty and culture of the community already in place; a mindfulness of identity.  It is principally through the arts that the identity of community is preserved and responsibly modified and promoted.

For Business

Through art, Heartland Studios stimulates business growth.  Did you know:

  • The art sector of our economy is a whopping $730 Billion dollar industry? That’s 4.2% of the United States GDP; a larger share of the economy than transportation, tourism, agriculture or construction!
  • The typical attendee of an art event spends more than $31 per person, per event, at local businesses – beyond the cost of admission to that event.
  • Customers express a better impression of your business when original and fine art prints hang on your walls.
  • Employees are more productive in environments that display beautiful art work than motivational posters.

If you are new to the area; if your business is growing; if you want to impress your customers and encourage your employees but don’t know where to start, call Debra today for a FREE consultation.  915.539.6997. 

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